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May 20, 2008 | By | Comments (1)

I tossed out a question on our bulletin board to see how many of our readers read (or write) food blogs. Not everyone reads them, to be fair, but I was delighted to see how many readers are blogging about their passion for food. Here are a few reasons to check them out.

"It’s a great way to interact with foodie bloggers and meet people that
have the same passion as me," says Helene, a Vancouver-based reader who
writes about recipes and good food (with some very nice photos) on her
bilingual blog,  La cuisine d’Helene. "In the morning, with my cup of coffee, I read what the other bloggers
have to say and what they make the night before for dinner. I think we
are a unique group out there in the cyberspace, and what better way to
connect with people than with food?"

Some readers are blogging about Cooking Light recipes. The Savory Notebook is the food blog of one of our longtime BB members, Alysha (aka Lindrusso). She cooks and reviews a lot of Cooking Light recipes, which, of course, we love. Busy Family Meals gave CL a shout-out with this post about our Ultimate Reader Recipe Contest.  (Aside: We didn’t bribe either of these gals with free cookbooks to post these–I swear!)

Longtime BB member Hammster told us about FoodieView,
a San Diego-based site that he and his fellow supper club members
contribute to. "It has restaurant reviews, other food purveyor reviews
also a blog," he says. "There are several cities covered
including San Diego. We
have also conducted restaurant wars taste testings. The most recent was
a NY-style pizza battle. Coffee shops have had a battle as well as
those ubiquitous ‘berto restaurants (Albertos, Robertos, etc….) that
are all over San Diego."

Dueling pizzas? How fun. I’m always up for a food fight!

Check out the gorgeous, mouth-watering photography on Bake or Break.
The Mississippi-based blogger bakes and shoots these treats in her own
kitchen (impressive). SciFi with a Dash of Paprika (an intriguing combination)
posts recipe reviews with "a dash of food, a splash of knitting, a dollup of books, all topped off with the occasional restaurant review," while Hey, Jeet Yet? offers some fun musings about food.

Recipe Girl goes to town with some stomach-growlingly delicious posts on her eponymous blog, The Recipe Girl. She occasionally pops up on YumSugar, Slashfood, and Tastespotting.

Here’s what Recipe Girl has to say about food blogs:

"For the same reasons that I read
cookbooks, cooking magazines, and the Cooking Light bulletin board, I
get inspired by what I read and especially by what I see…I find it
even more intriguing that most food bloggers are just normal people
like me – not chefs or cookbook authors – yet they’re able to produce
some of the most wonderful meals and baked goods, and many have proven
that they have talent in food styling and photography too."

"I have a
huge cookbook collection and I subscribe to multiple cooking magazines,
but if it weren’t for my daily blog browsing, I might not be tempted to
make my own fortune cookies, homemade ricotta cheese or Meyer lemon
curd. My passion for cooking and baking is kept fueled by my daily food
blog fix."



  1. Tiffany

    I recently did a post on a cooking light recipe. My husband didn’t like it, but he is dead wrong about it! It was the garlic chicken pizza, and it was fabulous!

    June 12, 2008 at 8:15 am

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