How to Fix a Lumpy Salad Dressing

Today I was working fast to make a salad dressing and didn’t whisk the creamy ingredients together before pouring in the vinegar. To say the least, it turned out lumpy. Yuck!

I needed a quick solution, so I grabbed my small fine mesh sieve, placed it over a measuring cup, and poured the dressing into the sieve. I whisked the mixture in the sieve to help it through the fine mesh. The lumpy solids were caught in the sieve. I whisked out the lumps until the mixture was smooth and placed it back in a bowl. Then I whisked the liquid back into the now-smooth solids and my dressing came together beautifully!

TK Secret: Place a damp kitchen towel under your measuring cup to keep it from slipping while you are whisking your ingredients through the sieve.


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