1 Cooler, 1 Weekend Getaway Addendum

October 29, 2010 | By | Comments (1)

For most weekends, I live out of a cooler. (That’s where the idea for the 1 Cooler, 1 Weekend Getaway August 2010 story came from). Three years of practice have taught me a lot about packing food for efficiency without sacrificing the pleasure of a well-prepared meal.

Dinner has never been an issue on these 1-cooler weekends, but lunch has always been tricky. I’ve flip-flopped between sandwiches and salads, but this past summer, I finally hit on a really simple way to take care of lunch. Pack the following:

-2 fruits: 1 bunch seedless red grapes, apples or pears, a melon, whatever you like (This pear was a bit premature, but when your 45 minutes from a grocery store, you make do.)

-2 hunks of good cheese (Cambozola is frequently one of them.)

-1 salami or a package of sliced Proscuitto

-Box or packet of whole-grain crackers/flatbreads (Which one? Check our Cracker Taste Test)

To make lunch, all you need is a knife and cutting board. Assemble individual servings on plates or just pile everything onto one. You’ll have enough* for two days of lunches for two people, and plenty of stuff on hand if unexpected visitors stop by and you need to whip out a tray of snacks. (Use the fruit or a handful of the dinner’s salad greens to stretch.)

*Provided you can resist scarfing the entire piece of Cambozola at one sitting, which is VERY hard to do.


  1. Pamela Cummings

    Please please please do another version of the one weekend one cooler! I love it and have adapted it slightly to use for camping with my family – I’d love another version to try.

    August 4, 2013 at 11:01 am

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