A Starter Knife for Kids

March 26, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

There are few things in life more satisfying than spending time with my daughter in the kitchen. Which is a good thing since I’m afforded plenty of it, as 10-minute solo projects frequentlyKidsknife2 threaten the half-hour mark with the addition of my little “helper.” And that’s not her fault, but Dad’s.

No, she’s not ready for Iron Chef as far as speed goes, but at least she gets stuff done. My productivity goes straight into the gutter, however, as I hover over her like a police ‘copter hoping she doesn’t injure herself. Now in fairness to me, my daughter lacks a certain sense of self-preservation innate to most sentient beings. In fact, we were at the emergency room just last week getting a little gash on her forehead closed up from a severe car-washing accident. Don’t ask.  

So needless to say, she’s definitely not afraid of something like a big ol’ chef’s knife. And she doesn’t need any help cutting fruits and vegetables, thank you very much. Recently, though, I came across a nifty little item that has lowered my blood pressure and even allowed me to (gasp) turn my back for minutes at a time and actually hold up my end of the cooking bargain while she’s manning the cutting board: The Zyliss Lettuce Knife.

Big and sturdy and sharp enough to cut most vegetables (it’d probably fall short if you were trying to cube a butternut squash or something, but fortunately we hate butternut squash at our house), it’s not quite so honed that a wayward stroke will go through her skin and beyond. It's like having training wheels in the kitchen. Plus, it’s cool looking. Oh, and apparently it cuts lettuce, too.



  1. kids bedroom furniture

    Its effective for kids to make a house hold activities but sometimes kitchen tools are dangerous at their age. This starter knife is great for kids.

    May 8, 2012 at 4:20 pm

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