Boy, Cooking Light loves hamburgers!

May 22, 2012 | By | Comments (9)

HamburgervsbbqMay is both National Hamburger Month and National Barbecue Month. Never wanting to miss an opportunity to stir up a food turf war, I asked the staff: When hosting a backyard summer cookout, which is it: Hamburger? or Barbecue?

Hamburgers took it home in an almost-clean sweep. (Only one person voted for BBQ.)


Editors even shared a few of their favorite recipes and toppings.

"Jalapeño cream cheese has a special place in my heart as a topping." — Dréa Zacharenko, Designer

"I'm a burger guy from way back. I love grinding my own, from a mix of skirt and ribeye. They come out super juicy and flavorful. Once you grind your own burgers, you'll never go back to store-bought ground beef." — Tim Cebula, Senior Food Editor

"Burgers, hands down. Tomato, onion, Dijon. Maybe some cheese, maybe not. But it has to be on a toasted bun. This is crucial. The burger is (hopefully) going to be juicy. Same for the tomato. You need a toasted bun to avoid a soggy mess." — Phillip Rhodes, Executive Managing Editor

So which is preferred in your home: Hamburger or BBQ?


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