Garden Update: More Tiny Plants

June 6, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Our farmer Mary Beth has written us with another beautiful update about our growing garden. What you see here are the first fruits from Applegreen eggplant and Melrose peppers. The most beautiful, "iconic" tomato captured here is a Cherokee Purple.




It seems we have a late start on peas and beans due to wet soils and hungry birds, but the third time was the charm, and small bush bean plants are growing by the minute.

The pole beans (Cherokee Trail of Tears) are growing so fast that the bean tunnel should be a nice, covered shady spot in no time.


The cucumber seeds fell victim to the same birds who took the peas and beans seeds, but the second attempt at sowing was a success. We should have cucumbers on the vine by mid-July.

Basils are all ready! Here's a shot of 'Round Midnight.



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