Chocolate v. Vanilla

June 7, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

Double-chocolate-ice-cream-ck-lToday is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, and we can think of only one way to celebrate: With a scoop of our decadently dark Double Chocolate Ice Cream. It has cocoa powder and melted chocolate, which makes it over-the-top chocolaty. A real chocolate purist's delight.

We also took an informal poll of the Cooking Light staff to find out if today was a day of celebration — or if we're all waiting for July 23 (National Vanilla Ice Cream Day) to dig in to these cool treats.

As with so many things, we're evently split — almost. Chocolate received 13 votes; vanilla, 12.

Here, a few of the better reasons for our flavor persuasion:

"Vanilla. You can always put chocolate sauce on it, and then you've got the best of both!" – Phillip Rhodes, Executive Managing Editor

"Vanilla! Usually reduced-fat, but nothing brings me back to childhood like Breyer's Vanilla Bean. My great-grandmother always had some waiting for me." – Cindy Hatcher, Senior Editor

"Nothing cures that sweet fix like an ultra dark, silky smooth, creamy chocolate ice cream." – Phoebe Wu, Assistant Editor

"Chocolate. Duh." – Susan Roberts, Assistant Copy Chief

So which is it for you: Vanilla or Chocolate?

Look for our favorite chocolate ice creams in the July issue's Taste Test column, on newsstands June 15.


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