Most Wanted for a Fun, Festive 4th!

July 2, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Elegant Pair
Klein Reid's procelain creamer and sugar set. The lid doubles as a bud vase ($125,

ED7_12 383_7x10

Pop Art
Single Quick Pop Maker from Zoku uses the same method as gel-filled counterop ice cream makers to produce a single ice pop in about 10 minutes ($25,

ED7_12 183_7x10Cut & Color
Kuhn Rikon's Colori Art 6 1/2-inch chef's knife and 4-inch paring knife set has carbon steel blades coated in a nonstick polka-dot pattern ($30/set of 2,

ED7_12 064_7x10

Take a Stand
Jansen & Co's contemporary stand elevates cake–or anything else you'd like to display ($34-$62,


Curvy Carafe
Mint NYC's Vin-Eau is sized just right for one bottle of wine: 1.5 liters. Comes with two red cups, but they hold white wine just fine, too ($52,

ED7_12 412

Hello, Cupcake
Sweet Lulu's 4th of July megamix: 8 patterns total more than 100 cupcake liners ($9, DEAL! Get 10% off with the code COOKINGLIGHT.*
ED7_12 128_7x10

That'll Wake You Up
Five-alarm-red Bistro B Coffee Machine. Also available in three other calmer colors ($250,
8cBodumHiResOn the Rocks
Water drips down each layer of Royal VKB's neat-o Dish Drainer Geo ($48,
Shop In Style
Attention farmers' market fashionistas: Reisenthel's retro-mod moon bag is lined with aluminized film to keep purchases cool ($100, DEAL! Get 15% off with the code CL 2012.*
ED7_12 490
All Washed Up
It's a soap dish. It's a nail scrubber. It's both, and great for anyone who gardens ($30,
Wabnitz_SoapHolder_Red4Single-serve Smoothies
Blend, grab, go, and voila–a healthy breakfast that fits comfortably in a car's cup holder ($17,
ED7_12 318_7x10

This Little Piggy …
went to the kitchen. Butcker's diagram-printed 100% cotton flour-sack towel ($14/towel, $24/set of 2,
ED7_12 257_7x10Patriotic Place Mats
Stripes on one side, stars on the other. Matching napkins available, too ($15 each,
ED7_12 103_7x10

Let it All Hang Out
Old-fashioned enameled-steel set includes ladle, skimmer, and handy hanging bar ($75,
ED7_12 446

Super Bowls
The slightly sloping rims of Red Clay's Incline at Sunset bowls will beautifully frame whatever you put inside ($49 each,
ED7_12 237_7x10

*Discounts available from June 11 to August 11, 2012, or while supplies last.


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