A Food Revolution in PA

July 14, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Stephanie Gilmore sent this email after reading my Editor's note in the July issue. If you have any exciting signs of the food revolution happening in your town or neighborhood to share, email me at Scott_Mowbray@timeinc.com

Hi Scott,
I'd like to share with you an orchard and bakery located just outside of Allentown, Pennyslvania (approximately 50 miles north of Philadelphia).
Pappy's Orchard & Lisa's Kitchen is a family-owned and operated orchard and bakery creating the most succulent of bakery items and family favorite jams, dressings, and jellies. The magic behind these wonderful goodies is the homegrown, perfectly nutured and maticulously picked fruits and vegetables that go into these items. The ingredients cover acres of farmland surrounding the farm where Lisa Urffer and family have built the Disney World of bakeries (as my family refers to it).  With ingredients so pure and ripe, it has to be good for you, too.
Here is the link to the current newsletter as a sampling of the wonderful things this farmhouse bakery offers.
Kinds Regards,
Stephanie Gilmore
Coopersburg, PA


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