Gold Star: Storage Stars

November 8, 2012 | By | Comments (1)

When I moved into my house a few months ago, I realized I had a problem. A plastic problem. I packed and unpacked over 100 pieces of plastic food storage containers. Not only did it take me several hours to find matches for everything, I was left with several orphans that had no other half. It was sad to me, all this plastic. Most was in bad shape, too, so I ended up recycling many pieces. The few I kept are starting to warp with repeated use.

In recent weeks, I’ve been pondering my storage options: Can I go plastic free? Can I ditch plastic and find more sturdy and (most importantly) more eco-friendly options? Pyrex was my first stop. I picked up a few basic pieces like their 3-cup Rectangle Storage Dish with Plastic Lid. They are easy to tote with me to work, and I don’t have to carry a plate–I can just reheat the leftovers in the container. (If we’re making wish lists, though, their 18-pc Storage Set is certainly on mine.)

Then a few weeks ago, U-Konserve, a branch of the company Kids Konserve, sent us their new Nesting Stainless Steel Containers. The most important word in that product name: Nesting. When not in use, all my storage containers go into a single drawer. That means space is at a premium. Anything that nests automatically deserves a gold star in my book.

Not only do they store beautifully, they also hold food without much mess. The first time I used them, I put them to a test. I stored leftover Beef Daube, a delicious, hearty stew that can’t be stored in just anything. It’s heavy, and I always seem to put it in a leaky container. The stew swished and sloshed back and forth as I moved into and out of the fridge to get leftover servings, and I never had a single problem with leaking. The containers are dishwasher safe, but stick to hand-washing the lids. (The company points out that putting the plastic tops in high-temperature environments, such as a microwave or dishwasher, is not recommended.) Now I’m adding a few of their Rectangle 32-ounce Containers to my wish list, too.

The Square Leak-Proof Nesting Trio ($45) has a large 50-ounce container (purple top), a medium 32-ounce container (gray top), and a small 18-ounce container (yellow top). And just in time for Thanksgiving and holiday storage needs, Kids Konserve is offering 15 percent off their food storage products. Go to the Kids Konserve web site to learn more and see their other food storage offerings.

Have you made the jump to going plastic-free? What are your favorite food storage containers?


  1. Gigi

    If I store food or anything else in containers that I can’t see through I tend to forget them and next thing you know it is spoiled. No, must see through it. As far as pyrex goes, it
    can nest also. The lids do wear out though and that is a problem. Whatever you do dont’ buy new corningware. The company was bought out by a company in China and of course it is produced there now. But my point is that it can explode in the oven and has. Dangerous to say the least. You can always try OXO Good grips containers. They are fantastic for keeping items fresh.

    November 9, 2012 at 3:50 pm

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