Mosted Wanted: Gifts Under $25

December 10, 2012 | By | Comments (0)

Not every part of my job is fun. (See: Spreadsheets.) But the product pages really are one of my favorite things to do. Seeing all of the amazingly creative stuff people design and make—some of whom I’m occasionally lucky enough to meet—helps maintain my faith in humankind. These are a few of my favorite products from this year. Each one has interesting, clever, and very real people behind it—people who are passionate about producing products that are innovative, functional, or just plain cool.

Back To The Roots Mushroom Garden
Like a Chia pet, only better. And yes, it really works. Here’s the one we grew in our office.


As if the name wasn’t charming enough, these handmade bowls look and feel just like their real-life inspiration.


Teroforma Pastry Stripe Linen Towels
Can any cook ever have enough towels? (A neat-nik, maybe. As for the rest of us…)


Corkcicle Color
Pour off that first glass, then slip the Corksicle into the bottle to keep the rest chilled.


Re-Wined Bags

I’m always afraid I’m going to use a wine bag someone gave me to give them wine. These bags take the pressure of by making a game of the regifting.


Images d’Orient Coasters
The intricacy of the patterns turns these coasters into miniature works of art.


Joseph Joseph Color Rings Worktop Saver
I just love looking at this. Just not for too long.



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