You Tell Us: Your Funny Family Traditions

christmas-pajamas-traditionWhen Test Kitchen chef Adam Hickman spent Christmas with his wife’s family for the first time, he stumbled into one of the funniest family traditions we’ve ever heard: matching pajamas for everyone. “The tradition is that they open one gift on Christmas Eve. ‘What is this? Oh! Pajamas!’ They wear them to sleep, then wake up in the morning and wear them for opening presents and a traditional family picture.” Read more about Adam’s PJ conversion and how to start your own new tradition here.

Always a group that loves to hear readers’ experiences, we put the question to you: What are your family’s funny holiday traditions? We had some hilarious responses. Read two of our favorites below, and share your own!

“Crazy Christmas socks and then a photo of everyone’s feet. Every year it’s more difficult as more kids are added to the photo — feels like Twister trying to balance while attempting to get everyone’s feet in the shot!”
— Kelly McCarthy Hill

“I always wear a Christmas tree hat I bought at Disney World 11 years ago. My daughter gets so embarrassed. Hee hee hee!”
— Kristi Marlewski


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