TGIF: What to Drink Now

January 25, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

Every Friday, we select a new beer, wine, or liquor to put through the tasting gauntlet. Here’s our latest pick.

If you’re searching for food-friendly beer, look no further than Grimbergen. Named after a Belgian abbey, this group of beers includes a blond, dubbel, and blanche. Today, we tasted the blond and dubbel.


Pair this with:

Blond: Light and slightly fruity, this faintly effervescent beer boasts a beautiful golden-yellow color. We loved the clean, palate-cleansing finish. Would be great with grilled fish or a nutty cheese. Ideal for summertime sipping, but still tasty year-round.

Dubbel: This amber brew is maltier than its blond cousin, with distinct plummy-fig notes. It finishes quite cleanly, as well, but with a slightly sweet aftertaste. Has a thick head and a hint of creaminess. Would go well with red meats, particularly lamb chops or an oxtail stew. Although ideal for these colder winter months, it would still pair beautifully with a beefy burger, fresh off the grill.

Give this to: Food lovers. Especially your carnivorous friends.


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