Can Opener of the Gods

February 4, 2013 | By | Comments (0)

trudeauI realized the other day, while opening a can of black beans, that my can opener makes me inordinately happy. In my defense, it’s no ordinary opener: it’s a Trudeau “Stress Less” Can Opener ($19.99, You know how conventional can openers inevitably get snagged or skip over part of the can lid, forcing you to pry? None of that with the Trudeau model. It stealthily, almost noiselessly glides around the top of the can. After one full revolution, you may even doubt the lid has been severed, partly because the ingenious design boosts leverage and requires 50% less effort. But then you apply the Trudeau clamp, lift, et voila! It’s a wondrous thing. I highly recommend you pick one up, if only to know the magical feeling of loving a simple kitchen tool.


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