Be a Good Bunny

March 29, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

PocoDolceROOHere I am, on Good Friday, scouring the Internet for unique treats for my friends and family. (I’m always equally late shopping for Christmas gifts, too…) I’d like to skip the holiday candy aisle at my local grocery store — I have a weakness for Starburst Jellybeans, and they lurk there, typically on sale right about now. Plus, if I don’t have the time to make something special this year (and I don’t), I’d like to buy something you can’t pick up just anywhere.

That reminds me — an adorable chocolate bunny hopped onto my desk a few weeks ago. It was so cute and beautifully presented I almost felt guilty snapping off its little ear for a nibble. That is, until I tasted it. The Olive Oil Bunny from Poco Dolce is everything I love about Easter–a bunny and delicious chocolate! But not just any chocolate. Good chocolate. Creamy, velvety bittersweet chocolate with just a hint of earthy olive oil.

Compartes-Easter-BunnyChocolatier and all-around great guy Jonathan Grahm from Compartes in Los Angeles always has the best holiday themed chocolates and sweets. (My favorite of all time is his Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate Skull pop.) His Gourmet Easter Bunny couldn’t be more iconic or adorable.

If the bunnies in your family have food allergies, Indie Candy is a great place to fill their baskets. They offer lots of allergen-free gummies, lollipops, and chocolates. Best yet for me — they’re local, and pick-up is an option!

We may be short on time for you to order, but if you’re near the companies, it might make the perfect treat if you can stop by. Better yet, look for local chocolate and candy manufacturers in your area and see what Easter treats they have to offer. You get great gifts for your loved ones, and you’re helping out a local artisan. Now that’s sweet!

If you’d rather look at sweets than eat them, you might enjoy The Washington Post’s annual Peeps diorama contest. The sugar-coated friends take center stage each Easter to capture moments of time in marshmallow art. (Also, Peeps memorializing the late Twinkie? Hilarious.)

More of a baked goods kind of person? We’ve got you covered. Find a recipe for an Easter cake you can bake and enjoy this weekend.


  1. Mallory

    Love Indie Candy—their champagne truffles are out of this world! You’d never guess they’re allergen-free.

    April 10, 2013 at 12:22 pm

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