Three Tasty Teas to Try

June 13, 2013 | By and | Comments (0)

June is National Iced Tea Month, and it’s befitting. After all, there’s nothing like a cold glass of fresh iced tea on a sweltering day.

So to celebrate this beloved beverage, we decided to try out some new products that make brewing iced tea easier than ever—simply steep a bag in a pitcher for a few minutes, then pour over ice.

Here are our picks.

Phoebe likes:
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea in Ginger Peach
Truly, I’m a black iced tea purist—I love a glass that’s plain, unsweet, and strongly brewed. But, I was pleasantly surprised by this flavored tea. Fragrant peach and fresh ginger sync together harmoniously here. No one flavor dominates the other; the kick of ginger keeps the sweet peachiness in check. Indeed, this is not your typical perfume-laced artificial-tasting fruit tea; here, the peach notes are very authentic and welcomely refreshing.

Kimberly likes:
Mighty Leaf Iced Tea in Calypso Mango
I like my tea weak — not watery, but refreshingly light. If you let the bag steep 4 minutes like we did, this is a light, aromatic tea — pleasantly fruity with just a hint of earthy black. You could let this steep for several minutes longer, and I have no doubt it would be a strong black tea with a nice punch of tropical notes. It doesn’t need any sweetener — it’s perfectly ‘sippable’ as is.

Mighty Leaf_5We both like:
The Republic of Tea Iced Tea in Hibiscus Sangria
Brimming with bold citrus and berry flavors, this brand new tea is super juicy and ultra refreshing. Tart hibiscus helps cut any sweetness, making it a good option if you enjoy doctoring up your teas with fresh fruit slices or a spoonful of agave. We also fell in love with the beautiful ruby hue.



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