Plenty of Ways to Celebrate National Eat a Cranberry Day

November 22, 2013 | By | Comments (3)
Photo: Oxmoor House

Photo: Oxmoor House

Tomorrow, November 23, is National Eat A Cranberry Day! Popping one of these sweet-tart berries in your mouth sans recipe is probably not the best way to enjoy them–they are rather bitter, but we have tons of ideas for what you can do with them.

You can find fresh cranberries at your local grocery store. They’re usually sold in 12-ounce bags for just a few dollars. Look for berries that are bright, intense, and free of discoloration or withering. Get more tips on picking out cranberries and how to store them.

While cranberries are divine as cranberry sauce–and we’ve got 15 recipes for cranberry sauces and relishes–they also make lovely cheesecakes, breads, pies and drinks. Try your cranberries in one of these great recipes:



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