Local Finds: Dean of the Fresher Dried Beans


Purchase beans at ranchogordo.com, $5.95/pound. | Photo: Randy Mayor

Steve Sando, in the heart of wine country, has spent a decade divining the complex character of humble dried beans. His business, Rancho Gordo, sells three dozen heirloom legumes, including pinto-like Good Mother Stallards and tiny but meaty tepary beans. “Fresher dried beans take less time to cook,” Sando says. “The texture tends to be creamier. A lot of people think cooking beans is a skill, but it’s more the quality of the bean that matters.” His top cooking tip, thousands of pots later? Save leftover bean broth to poach eggs. –Jenn Garbee


  1. Luynne Buchanan

    I recently read that canned beans are healthier than dried beans. I don’t recall the source, but I will research it. I have eaten dried beans my whole life but I’m making the switch. I cooked canned beans This week (Anita’s Cheater Beans, Trisha Yearwood’s recipe on Food Network) and they were delicious, my family loved them. Any feedback ?

    January 8, 2014 at 9:40 am

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