Whole Foods Insider’s Guide: The Perks of Being Facebook Friends With Your Store

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A little background before you read Part 4 in my Insider’s Series to Shopping at Whole Foods: I started working for Whole Foods Market in 2007. I worked off and on for the company at multiple stores throughout California until last year. I’m sharing all the tips, tricks, and strategies I learned during my time at the grocery store so you can learn to shop and save there, too.

It may seem a little odd to be Facebook friends with your grocery store, but it could be one of the best things you do if you’re trying to cut your grocery bill. Each store has a marketing team that is responsible for updating their Facebook page regularly. You’ll be sure to always see new and upcoming sales if you follow them. Even though I live in Alabama now, I am still friends with my old stores in California. I constantly see updates about a 2 for $10 rotisserie chicken sale, hot- and salad-bar discounts, unadvertised sales and even fun free events like wine and beer tastings.

Score at Store Events: Whole Foods-sponsored store events–Easter Egg Hunts, back-to-school giveaways, and painting activities with kids–normally bring vendors (with coupons), free samples from the store’s different departments, new sales, or always-delicious food. You’ll especially enjoy barbecues or store cookouts because you can easily get a filling lunch for about $5.

These store events are a great time to try food or recipes you might be hesitant to try otherwise. Different departments will showcase some of their newest and best offerings. The seafood and produce teams sample or make fun dishes with in-season selections. All of this gives you a chance to explore.

It is also a good opportunity to talk to team members. Events are fun for team members and customers alike because they are a break from the everyday routine. Also, it gives you an opportunity to see what options are out there, ask questions, and learn how you might be able to save money in the future.

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  2. mewgirl723

    ….This section of posts is ridiculous. Obviously, we alreaydy know that coupons exist. Coupons which are not usually for safe foods and which still make the item expensive after the coupon. Nor are there ever any coupons for expensive and reqiired-for-everyone items, such as coconut oil (only brand that ever has a coupon or even a sale is Spectrum and 365, neither of which are safe and healthy brands, and both of which are very corporate). Then you write “a meal for $5″… so… you mean, the average price of a meal and an expensive price for a meal if you’re grocery shopping? Just imagine…. $5 for every single meal!!! Even if you only eat three times a day, this is STILL over $500 per month! Now ramp that up to what you’re ACTUALLY eating… AND the fact that if you are eating some pre-pared “meal” at Whole Foods, it will in addition to requiring 2-3 trays to make an ACTUAL meal (that’s WOW… $1500 per month!!), it will also be EXTREMELY unhealthy – such as using grain-fed meat! And “______ starch”! This post is ridiculous! $5 for an expensive, unhealthy meal… this is how you eat “affordably”, huh?! Going to eat that GMO wheat flour then what the hell are you at Whole Foods for?! Why aren’t you at Wal-Mart?

    January 12, 2016 at 12:37 am
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