Five on Friday: Our Favorite Peachy Pins

August 7, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

I just moved to the South and have not yet adjusted to this heat. My hair and I are having a difficult time. It feels a lot like my face is melting off of my body at an alarming rate—a lot different than a Michigan summer which sometimes requires a light jacket and possibly a wool hat.

Regardless, there is one thing the Mitten doesn’t have, and that’s peaches. Luscious, juicy, ripe peaches. They’re everywhere here! I’ve never seen so many peaches in my life! It’s pie heaven down here, y’all. To celebrate National Peach Month I’ve collected some of my favorite pin-worthy peach recipes you’ve just got to try.

Peaches @msilvio Instagram

Check out all of these peaches I found at the Farmers’ Market. #cobblertime


Can’t get enough peaches? Keep Reading: 


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