Good Food: Brooklyn Delhi Tomato Achaar


Credit: Brooklyn Delhi

by Kate Malin

Tomato Achaar, made by Chitra Agrawal of Brooklyn Delhi, is tangy yet sweet, spicy and savory, and once you try it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. It complements everything from eggs and sandwiches to rice and lentils. Truth be told, it’s great right off the spoon. Crafted with care by Chitra in Brooklyn, New York, Tomato Achaar is made with fresh, local tomatoes, their flavor drawn out and enriched by tamarind, red chili powder, and spices including turmeric, asafetida, fenugreek, and black mustard. For a healthier twist on the very oily and salty traditional recipe, Chitra substitutes in non-GMO sesame oil, reduces salt, and never adds preservatives into the mix.

Achaar, also known as Indian pickle, is a traditional Indian relish usually made from local vegetables, fruits, chilies, spices, and oils. Chitra, a self-confessed achaar obsessive since childhood, draws from her family background in India and her local Brooklyn foodshed to create her own take on classic achaar recipes. After encouragement from diners at pop-ups who tried her creations and from her husband Ben (a designer who later created the packaging), Chitra began bottling her spicy, sweet, sour, salty achaar in earnest, and Brooklyn Delhi was born. Each flavor she creates is a deliciously unique mix of India and Brooklyn, reflective of the traditions of the past but very much in touch with the seasons and tastes of the present.


Credit: Brooklyn Delhi

Brooklyn Delhi Tomato Achaar is available at and in stores across the country. Brooklyn Delhi is part of the Good Food Awards, a project to honor food and drink producers making the sort of food we all want to eat – tasty, authentic and responsible, and a proud member of the Good Food Merchants Guild, national association uniting American craft food businesses to connect, convene and promote Good Food businesses of all sizes.


From her grassroots work at the Good Food Awards to her continued education at NYU’s Food Studies Master’s Program, Kate Malin brings an unparalleled passion for great food and good people.

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