Italian Tuna Salad

From the shores of Italy to your lunchtime table, this Italian tuna salad includes all your healthy favorites – cherry tomatoes, black olives, green beans, cucumbers, mix greens – and of course canned tuna in olive oil. Using albacore tuna will provide about 1,000 mg of heart healthy omega-3s.

Serves: 4
Cost Per Recipe: $9.22
Omega-3 Per Serving: 150 mg

2 5-oz. Tuna, Canned Packed in Olive Oil
5-oz. Bag Mix Salad Greens
14.5-oz. Can Green Beans, low sodium
1 Potato, Cubed and boiled
2 oz. Olives, black and pitted
1 Cucumber chopped
2 oz. Tomatoes, cherry
1 oz. Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 tsp. Oregano, Dried
Salt & pepper

Make sure potatoes are pre-cooked by boiling for 15 minutes.

Drain oil from tuna into a bowl. Set tuna aside.

Add to the oil from the tuna can, vinegar, oregano, S&P. Mix Dressing well.

Mix greens with potatoes and green beans.

Add raw vegetables and Dressing.

Top tuna onto salad.

Serving suggestion: Serve salad with whole grain bread and drizzle extra dressing over salad.

From SNP Eating Heart Healthy Nutrition Program Created By Chef Kelly Armetta, Hyatt Regency Boston

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