Healthy Halloween Appetizers: Peel ‘N’ Pop Pumpkins

October 27, 2015 | By | Comments (3)


This season is filled with endless ways to indulge in candies and chocolates. And while it is tempting, it’s not ideal for people concerned with keeping up a clean or balanced diet. Believe it or not, having a healthy Halloween doesn’t have to be filled with boo-ring, bland treats. This year, serve up fruit and vegetable apps that are just as festive and fun.

Like Cinderella’s pumpkin, tangerines magically transform into a sweet treat for hungry trick-or-treaters. It’s so easy to make, and so easy to eat—peel off a wedge and pop it in your mouth. Yum!

Our Peel ‘N’ Pop Pumpkins are simple as ever and ready to serve in no time:
– Just cut a celery stalk in half lengthwise and three times crosswise to create even sticks.
– Peel tangerines.
– Stick one celery stick in the center of each fruit.
– Pile and devour.

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