Five on Friday: Halloween Recipes with Our Bloggers’ Connection

October 30, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

Join us each month as we round up our favorite seasonal posts from the Cooking Light Bloggers’ Connection.

This month’s theme is Halloween, and these spooky, healthy recipes will help spice up the holiday.


Chipotle Coconut Pepper Jacks: Forget carving a pumpkin—create a Jack-o’-Lantern out of peppers instead. Tofu, quinoa, coconut, and sweet potato unite in spabettie‘s recipe, making for a dish that will please both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. What better way to encourage your kids to eat their veggies?


Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats: This homemade snack is so ridiculously tasty—your little monsters will love it! Nutmeg and cinnamon are combined with pumpkin purée in The Way To His Heart‘s recipe for an irresistible after-school snack or party appetizer.


Pumpkin Chocolate Spiderweb Muffins: Loaded with whole grains and low in sodium and sugar, Recipe Renovator‘s gluten-free muffins serve as a delicious and nutritious breakfast for all. Drizzle dark chocolate overtop for a spooky finishing touch.


Bittersweet Chocolate Cookies: Taking on Magazines gave our Bittersweet Chocolate Cookies a healthy twist by substituting whole-wheat flour for all-purpose flour. Use decorating this dessert as an excuse to bond with the family. Trust us, your trick-or-treaters will go crazy decorating these skeletons.

Whole Roasted Pumpkin Stuffed with Lamb and Bulgur: Fill your kitchen with the scents of fall as lamb, cinnamon, cumin, onion, and garlic roast inside a sugar pumpkin. The pickiest of eaters will indulge in It’s Not Easy Eating Green‘s dinner, packed with heart-healthy grains.

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