Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Beer Lover

December 11, 2015 | By | Comments (1)

Thanks to the surging craft beer scene, beer lovers seem to pop up everywhere these days—and for good reason. America’s beer scene is as hot as it has ever been. Earlier this year, we even ranked the 10 Best Light Craft Beers. (Hey, a 6-pack of any of those would be great gifts!)

If you’ve got a beer lover on your list, I’ve compiled 6 must-have gifts for their holiday present pile.


Smathers & Branson Beer Glasses Needlepoint Coaster Set: Every beer connoisseur needs a lovely coaster for their favorite brew ($75). You can also get a Martini set if your recipient has a hard liquor side, too.


A Growler from Their Favorite Brewery: Growlers have grown in popularity and given beer lovers a way to experience from-the-tap freshness with at-home convenience. Call your loved one’s favorite brewery to see if they have empty growlers for purchase. Grab one, and get a gift certificate for their first fill up. Can’t find a local one? Rabbit Sam Adams has a sleek stainless steel option ($25). It ships after the holiday season, so you can gift them a 6-pack while they wait. | Credit: Lauri Patterson/Getty


Mini Beer Pong Set: Sure, most people aren’t chugging 11% ABV craft beers while playing pong, but it’s still such a fun beer-related game that any beer fan will appreciate the portable game ($40).


Bicycle Craft Beer Playing Cards: If they’re passionate about craft beer and card games, this is the deck for them ($4).


Corkcicle Chillsner: Keep every last drip of your precious craft beer crisp and cool with the drink-thru beer chiller ($30).


Redcruiser 2016 Seasonal Beer Pairings Calendar: Forget adorable kittens or picturesque vistas. Redcruiser’s Seasonal Beer Pairing calendar features beautifully illustrated beer and food pairings that can inspire a little free time creativity ($20).

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