Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

December 13, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

I’m surrounded by the best colleagues in the world. Actually, they’re my friends. I know I’m not lucky in that regard. For many of us, spending 7+ hours a day in an office with the same people leads to deep, meaningful friendships. So naturally, around the holidays, you may be looking for gift ideas to celebrate how much they mean to you or how thankful you are to work alongside someone you truly like.

Here, a few gift ideas for coworkers the Cooking Light staff rounded up.


Personalized Notebook from Minted: A spiral bound notebook is one of my favorite gifts to give colleagues. We all takes notes for work almost constantly. Why not give them a personalized one they’ll enjoy showing off all year long? This one is the Blossoming Rainforest from Minted ($16). Minted has hundreds of customizable designs (some options increase cost). I also like May Designs.


Carry On Cocktail Kit from W&P Design: Every once in a while, we just need to sip a delicious cocktail in order to make the day go smoothly. Fill your coworkers secret stash with these handy mini cocktail kits ($24). They’re designed for airplane rides, but if you provide mini bottles of liquor with the kits, you’ve basically set up a tiny bar that maybe you’ll get to enjoy, too. (Enjoy responsibly, especially at work.)


Little Belgians Speculoos Cookies: Sweets are always a welcome gift (at least in our offices). The great thing about these speculoos cookies is that they’re gorgeous, flavorful, but heavily spiced with delicious flavors of the season (cinnamon, cloves, and pepper, and cardamom). A large box is a really nice gift ($20)–maybe combine it with a bottle of wine–but if you need to gift to a lot of coworkers, their smaller bags ($10) are a great price point.


2016 Calendar: It’s a completely practical gift, but it’s one of my favorites to give and receive. You have to use a calendar daily for your work responsibilities, but no where is it written that it can’t be beautiful (at least I hope). Paper Source’s 2016 Wall Art Calendar ($30) is spectacularly illustrated. When the year is over, each page can be folded into boxes for gifting or storage. Other Paper Source favorites: 2016 Paper Source Mini Accordion Calendar ($8), Today Is Going To Be Great Calendar ($17), and Color Me Happy Box Calendar for the person who loves to color and doodle ($15).


Emily McDowell’s It’s Too Early for You to Say Things Mug: We all know that coworker, the one who can’t start processing words until they’ve downed at least two cups of tar-black coffee. This is the perfectly humorous gift ($18) to let them know you care–and that you’ll avoid saying anything important until they’ve drained every last drop. McDowell’s other mugs and her tote bags are equally humorous, pointed, and clever.


Paddywax Gilt Candles: Delicate scents of white flowers, blood orange and vetiver, and pomegranate cassis really make these soy candles (which are hand poured in Nashville, TN) a wonderful way to say thanks for another great year. At just $20, they’re also a great price point for a candle that makes a sophisticated statement with hints of gold and rich jewel tones. Get It Sorted File Folder Set: Get down to business in style with these boss file folders ($14). They’re fun and funny, and they’ll definitely get a good workout if your friend has a Bossypants sense of humor.

More Gift Ideas:


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