Just in Time for Canning Season, Ball Brand Introduces Fun New Jars and Lids

March 1, 2016 | By | Comments (2)

Raise your hand if you’re at least curious about canning. Me, too! My great-grandmother was a canner. I still remember seeing all the supplies lining her utility room. At the time, it seemed super uncool. (You mean we have to eat the stuff that’s not from McDonald’s?!) Today, I would do anything to have one of her jars of green beans or tomato sauce.

Turns out, nostalgia (or just a keen interest in their food) is driving more millennials to consider canning and other food preservation methods. In fact, a study out last summer found that nearly half of millennials are interested in canning, and 47 percent of all Americans are interested in preserving methods besides canning (think dehydrating, smoking, and cheese-making).

So just in time for all of us to crank up for another season of sweet produce that needs to be preserved for the fruitless winter months, Ball brand has introduced several fun new products. These include:

Blue jars_all 3

Color Series Jars: A new line of never-before released colored jars in three sizes: regular mouth half pint, wide mouth pint, and wide mouth quart.


Color Series Lids & Bands: The dazzling blue from the new jars is now available in new lids and bands.

jam jar 1

Jam Jar: Back by popular demand (after being discontinued in 2006), the Jam Jar is sure to be a favorite among this year’s canners.

These new Ball brand products will be available at retailers and on FreshPreservingStore.com this month.

Not into canning? No worries. It can be a big commitment, but Ball jars are a great way to store leftovers or prep your week’s dinners. Here, some jarred recipes we just love:


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