Time to Cry into Your Cucumber Sandwiches: A Downton Abbey Finale Menu

March 4, 2016 | By | Comments (1)

The dinner gong will ring for the last time at Downton Abbey this Sunday, marking the end of a six-year series that you either love or roll your eyes at and wonder, “What could possibly be so compelling?” I’m definitely a fan, having gotten together with the same group of friends to watch every episode since the series began.

My favorite part may not even be the show, though gasping and giggling together has been so much fun. Our potluck-style eats ranged from tea and scones to waffle bars to nachos (because eating Super Bowl food during the Super Bowl while watching a period British drama makes perfect sense). For the finale, here’s a round up of some favorite tea time-inspired treats to munch while you watch.

Tea is the lifeblood of any great British household (count the number of times you see it in an episode). Instead of sipping a cup, incorporate into tangy, buttery Lemon Earl Grey Squares.
Lemon Earl Grey Squares

Small bites seem appropriate for the “all manners, all the time” atmosphere, but these Spinach Artichoke Bites are way more exciting than cucumber sandwiches. It’s everything you love about the cheesy dip, packed into a crispy phyllo shell.

Smoked salmon was all the rage during Downton’s day, usually just served with a squeeze of lemon or dollop of horseradish cream. Transform into Smoked Salmon Dip for an app everyone will love.
Smoked Salmon Dip

Ok, so deviled eggs probably weren’t on the menu back then, but eggs definitely were (have you seen the table length wooden egg tray on Ms. Patmore’s table? Amazing!). Still, these Herb and Crumb Deviled Eggs are worth adding.
Herb and Crumb Deviled Eggs

What’s tea without scones? Buttermilk and ricotta make for incredibly tender Cherry Almond Ricotta Drop Scones, fragrant with fresh orange. A little whipped ricotta, not clotted cream, tops off each one.
Cherry Almond Ricotta Drop Scones

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  1. CathyKirchner

    Nice items, but I don’t know that they really compliment each other. Not sure I would lump these together as a “menu.”

    March 5, 2016 at 7:00 am

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