The Only Recipes You Need for the Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Taco Night

May 1, 2016 | By | Comments (2)

Don’t settle for average tacos this Cinco de Mayo! DIY tortillas and flavorful fresh salsa can make all the difference between falling flat on your taco-loving face and having a fabulous meal.

If you’re short on time, feel free to buy pre-made tortillas (we recommend La Tortilla Factory brand), but homemade tortillas are superior in taste and texture. They’re also much simpler to make than you’d think, just follow our easy step-by-step guide and you’ll have fresh delicious tortillas in no time.

Salsa can make or break a taco. Two decidedly delicious options are our Toasted Chile Salsa (left) and Tomatillo Salsa (right). The Toasted Chile Salsa is an intense flavor that pairs well with more hearty taco fillings, like steak, while the Tomatillo Salsa is raw and made to pair with lighter fillings, like vegetables.

6039602_Perfe_018Achiote paste, a mixture of ground annatto seeds, vinegar, and spices, is the secret ingredient for these Carnitas Tacos that are balanced out by the tart topping of pickled red onions.

6039602_Perfe_018Our vegetarian tacos aren’t any less impressive than their meaty counterparts. These Mushroom and Charred Corn Tacos are filling and get an extra dose of decadence from the guacamole and Cotija cheese.


The chile-marinade makes all the difference in these mouth-watering Steak Tacos. A sprinkle of red onions and Toasted Chile Salsa rounds out the flavors.

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