Crazy for Korean

June 9, 2016 | By | Comments (0)


The ingredients, books, and info you need to share in our most recent food infatuation. 

  1. Fish Sauce
    Yes, it’s used in Korean dishes, too, as a shortcut to umami. We love Red Boat.
  2. Koreatown
    Lively, recipe-driven required reading by Deuki Hong and Matt Rodboard.
  3. Cook Korean!
    Find this playful comic book of recipes by Robin Ha on shelves next month.
  4. Korean Food Made Simple
    The title of this must-have cookbook from Judy Joo says it all.
  5. Brown Sugar
    Seems simple, but good luck achieving signature flavors without it.
  6. Kimchi
    Embrace the fab and funky power of fermentation. Try Simply Seoul brand.
  7. Baroo
    LA chef Kwang Uh’s food is as inspired as it is Instagram-worthy (@baroo_la).
  8. Gochujang
    Try it and you won’t be able to cook without this sweet, spicy pepper taste.
  9. Fresh Garlic
    This is a nonnegotiable elemental flavor in the Korean kitchen.
  10. Soy Sauce
    Always have a bottle (or two) on hand. We opt for Kikkoman lower-sodium.
  11. Gochugaru
    Like red pepper flakes but roastier-toastier. Fine and coarse are available.
  12. Tabletop Grill
    Schedule a Korean BBQ night; these iconic grills are easy to find online.

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