Recipe Makeover

How to Make Any Recipe a Clean Recipe

When it comes to eating clean, it’s often much easier than you think. Plus, you rarely have to alter the essence of your favorite dishes to achieve a cleaner plate. The key to turning them into  a “clean” dish is to start from the root—the ingredients. To build a cleaner plate, it first starts in the market where you choose your produce, whole […]

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Give the Fruitcake a Facelift!

Happy National Fruitcake Day! Wait! Before you click that ‘Back’ button, hear me out: I loathe fruitcake. Until I was in high school, I thought fruitcake wasn’t something you ate as much as it was something you wrapped up as a Dirty Santa gift for the neighborhood get-together. When I realized you could actually eat that gelatinous mound of sparkling sugar, well, […]

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A new year means new resolutions, goals, and diets. My resolution is to lose weight. I’ve plotted a 8-month regimen to help me reach my goal by my birthday. Basically, I will be making 3 simple changes to my already active lifestyle. 1) I’ll be eating off of salad plates and skimping on the bread. 2) My ever-so-active dog will […]

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