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Get Stronger Without a Gym!

Not a fan of going to the gym? You’re in luck: The latest trend in gym training is doing exactly the kind of exercise you can do outside of a gym. Think of Rocky in Rocky I, running along the train tracks and through the outdoor vegetable markets, like the Pied Piper of Philly, shadowboxing all the way, then finally […]

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Diet Distortions: “Weighing Every Day is a Bad Thing.”

For many years there has been a common belief that daily self-weighing might lead to frustration and less weight loss or even promote eating disorders. Like many bits of conventional wisdom that turn out to be false, this one seems intuitively plausible. But it turns out that none of these fears is justified when one actually looks at the scientific […]

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Diet Distortions: “Eat only when you’re hungry.”

If our hunger were calibrated so that we were satisfied with the exact amount needed to maintain a healthy weight and no more, then this “rule” might work. Unfortunately, the evidence is quite to the contrary. People differ in their degrees of hunger, and those with a tendency toward greater weight gain tend to be hungrier. This seems in part […]

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A year later, this wearable tech keeps me doggedly doing at least 10K steps per day.

My 365th day of wearing the Jawbone UP band—which tracks daily steps as well as nightly sleep—recently passed without the band noticing that we celebrated our one-year anniversary. Having just gotten around to watching the fantastic movie Her, I have to say my feelings were hurt—though perhaps I missed the motivational message in the blizzard of stuff that clutters my […]

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How Your Diet Can Sabotage Your Exercise

It’s easy to overestimate the power of exercise to help weight loss, especially if you increase your fitness regime at the same time you embark on a diet. The weight begins to drop, and the running shoes get to take a victory lap. It feels as if you’re just burning those pounds off. Then: the infamous plateau. “Chasing a calorie […]

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A car-centered life has put me in a deep exercise hole. And now I know the numbers.

If you have to drive to work rather than walk, if you live in a neighborhood that is not well served by restaurants, bars, and corner food stores, then your daily steps have to be planned. They don’t happen as an organic part of daily life. Most Americans who live outside the downtowns of major cities experience this: Naturally occurring […]

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If This Plodder Can Run Faster, You Can Run Faster

From the start, running was my main calorie-burn exercise of the Social Diet. I’m a plodder, but 4 miles of plodding burned enough calories to keep the daily ledger in balance, and it delivered a nice chunk of steps toward the 10,000-a-day goal. Then, recently, I decided  to pick up my pace. This happened after signing up for the MapMyRun […]

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Can an app help me drink less alcohol?

Several members of our Social Diet group have found the start of 2014 difficult. It’s a challenge to fill in the MyFitnessPal food diary and to maintain the exercise levels (especially with the winter we’re having, even in the South). Me, too. I did get through almost three weeks of New Zealand holiday travel without putting on more than a […]

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Google+ Hangout: Social Diet Year-End Wrap Up

Earlier today, the Social Diet members got together for a live Google+ Hangout to discuss weight loss successes and challenges in 2013, plus individual goals for 2014. Watch below. Do you have any questions for our next Google+ Hangout? Share them in the comments below or send me an email at Scott_Mowbray@timeinc.com, or tweet @ScottMowb or @Cooking_Light using #SocialDiet.

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5 Weight-Loss Myths Debunked

We’re excited to be working with a new partner, MyFitnessPal, and RD and lead editor for their Hello Healthy blog, Elle Penner. Look for posts from the MyFitnessPal team on fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and more.  —Cooking Light team By: The MyFitnessPal Staff We’re taking a look at 5 persistent food and fitness myths with weight-loss implications that need to be busted. Keeping to a fitness plan […]

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